Friday, May 04, 2007


is underway! Whee! I got a lovely email yesterday from my spoiler (Hi secret pal!) and am very excited!

Unfortunately my spoilee didn't include any specs in her profile and hasn't answered my email to her yet. :( I'm a little frustrated about this; I was really hoping to dye her sock yarn this weekend but now it looks like I will just have to wait.

I am almost done with the first stripey-sock, which I have decided will be a mother's day gift for my mum. As always, I will post a pic once I've finished.

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Monique said...

This could have been my post. I still haven't heard from my pal, and I am planning on dying the socks yarn for her socks. She doesn't have a blog, and didn't really put anything in her notes about what colors. Just that she doesn't like short socks and she likes color.

I hope you hear from her soon.