Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

I received an email from my spoilee today (yippie!). Apparently Yahoo! had decided I was spam the first time around, but it is all good now. :)

Now I need to decide on a pattern. She said that she likes lace, but without big holes. She doesn't like long socks and she likes the cuff to be loose. So, I am thinking a lace anklet pattern (or a little taller). I found two that I really like and a third, which I'm not as fond of but will work very well with a variegated yarn. She stated that she likes bright/light colors (nothing dark or earth tone).

The Patterns are:
Swirling Lace Anklets

Falling Leaves
And Japanese Feather
I also really like Thelonious, but I am worried that they will be too tall for her.

Please help me decide!


s b said...

I voted for Japanese Feather, but I really like the Thelonious too--you can easily shorten the cuff to the length your pal likes.

Alliesw said...

I love that swirling lace anklet pattern; I actually bought it, but have never knit it up! But all these patterns are lovely!

Laura said...

The Swirling Lace looks like exactly what your pal asked for -- in a brighter color, of course.

Suzanne said...

I like Thelonius! Just take out a repeat in the cuff if it's too long (if you can. I haven't looked too closely at that pattern but I really want to see it knitted up).

Dipsy said...

I voted for the Swirling Lace socks too - somehow I think they would be exactly what your pal likes! Very beautiful pattern indeed!

Maggie said...

I love them all, so hard to decide, but it seems the Swirling Lace is what she asked for. Will you use some of your Kool-Aid dyed yarn?