Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Damn Swedes

As some of you know, we moved into our very first house last April. I love my home, but it is seriously lacking in closet space... to the point where I dread doing laundry because I have no place to put the clean clothes (yeah, that's why I hate laundry...). Honey & I have been meaning to pick up a wardrobe for a while now, but just couldn't justify the expense.

Well, this past Sunday we received an IKEA catalog with our paper. Inside there was this cute little wardrobe for $79.95.
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Not really big enough to completely solve the problem, but if we got 2 of them it would certainly give us some breathing room.

So, off we trek to the Canton IKEA to see this solution to all our problems.. Only to find that it is not cute, in actuality it is pretty ugly & cheap looking. The center piece in the doors is made of a really cheap opaque plastic, and the whole thing is really very flimsy.

However, we were not discouraged. After all, IKEA is the land of cheap, stylish furniture... no?

Well, after searching for a while, we decided we should do the PAX wardrobe system. It's all components that mix & match and you can buy the interior shelves, rails & drawers as suits you. Perfect! And each piece is so inexpensive too! $24 here, $12 there... Damn those bastards, it adds up quick...

We came home with 2 narrow wardrobe pieces & 2 38" cabinets. All the storage that we will need.. and it only cost $700. Now, I know this is not that bad, but we were originally thinking of spending $250-$300 just to get us through!

So, we have spent the last 2 evenings putting it together.. and we are about half way done (we needed to stop for dinner & puppy breaks.. Oh, & 24!). We are hoping to have all the pieces built tonight & then will tackle the mounting to the wall thang tomorrow.

I will post pics of our wardrobe once it is up & tidy... and I get that damn charger.

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