Friday, January 19, 2007

Hey there! Remember Me?

So, it's been quite a while! Too much to catch up on, so I will just give a super cliff notes version.

My mom is doing much better. Hospice has been providing physical therapy and she is able to feed herself now. She's been doing so much better that I have been able to go whole weeks without having to go out there. This is particularly good because...

My health has been crappy. I was sick for about a month. After a few weeks of misdiagnoses, it was finally determined that I a. had bronchitis & b. have developed a hiatal hernia. Unfortunately, I am in the small percentage of people who has symptoms with the damn thing.. I actually felt it happen! Bleck! On top of that, I have a polyp in my uterus that is further complicating my fertility efforts. They tried to remove the polyp in the office, but were unable to fit the scope through my cervix. I am having surgery to remove it on February 2nd.

Work has been great. I had my 90 day review last week and it was excellent! Even got a raise! Whee!

That's about it. Honey, cats & puppy are all doing well (although puppy has developed a taste for remote controls, grrr).

Once I find a new charger for my camera I will post pics of my latest knittings. And, now that things are calming down a bit I will try to be more diligent in the posting.

BTW- Any thoughts on the new template? I switched over to the new googlfied blogger and now am kinda missing my old template...

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Joanne said...

Yay posting! When I opened your page I was like, "Nice and sleek!". I liked your old design too, though.