Sunday, January 08, 2006

Gryffindor Scarf

Now that the holidays are over I can finally post about the gifty for my sis!
From the title you should have guessed it, twas a Gryffindor Scarf.

I got the idea after seeing Denise knitting hers. I used the Prizoner of Azkaban pattern and knit it using Plymouth Encore yarn, which is 75% acrylic & 25% wool. It is very soft and the colors are quite brilliant.

I used size 7 needles, so I only cast on 60sts and did 12 repeats, instead of 14.

As an added touch, I got a wonderful Gryffindor Crest patch from Patch Palace (also recommended by Denise). I was initially thinking of intarsia knitting the crest, but I eventually came to my senses.

Below are my sister's reaction and the finished product. I am very happy with the finished project, and even happier to know my sister loves it & is the envy of her friends! XD

And, just because I can, Kitty PIC!


Anonymous said...

Hehehehe. Yes my Potter friend Erica is quite jealous. I just love, love, love my scarf! You is the best sis~~


Joanne said...

The scarf looks awesome!! And Dawn looks very happy. Yay!

Jenn said...

love the scarf! cute kitty!

Denise said...

Great job, great reaction! I'll have to quiz you on how you attached the patch. Karen D (who found them online originally) has an extra one for me.

That is one pleased-looking puss, too, BTW.

[Another]ModernKid said...


Wonderful job. ( :
I've been looking for this pattern!

The website, knit atypically, has been down for some time now.

Do you by any chance still have the pattern for this?

I would really appreciate it!

Awesome scarf!

Kimberly said...

it looks like it's available on archive...

if the link doesn't work I suggest searching for "Prisoner Of Azkaban Scarf" on the pattern page on Ravelry.

Happy Knitting!