Friday, July 22, 2005

Purple Beans! (SQUEE!)

I knew all this friggin rain would yeild somethin good!

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Ok, granted there are only 2 of them now, but lookie...

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Soon there will be more & they shall be all mine.. mmmmmmm What do purple beans taste of? Green beans. They're just purtier! I got the plain ole greeny beans popping up too! See...

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Oh! And, um, Elisha? Remember how you said I planted my peppers a little too close together?

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Before & After

Dude, you were totally right! But, at least they are thriving! LOL

And speaking of Elisha, here is a pic of her adorable sock! I love the cables & the toe is done in a unique way.
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Oh, so ya wanna see my billionth project I just cast on?

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This is a scarf I am making out of Classic Elite's Premiere in #5226 Tidal Wave. I know I said I didn't want to make a scarf out if it, but I saw this trellis lace stitch in my stitch book & just knew it would be perfect.

Hey, maybe I'll even finish this one!


Kitt said...

LOLOL...I thought you were holding worms! I had to read on to find out they were beans....well...worms come out with rain too!
Beautiful garden, lots of goodies!
What knitting book did you find the Trellis pattern?

Kate said...

I'm having major bean envy.

heather said...

Holy---I thought those were worms too. OR some kind of leech! Eeek!

I'm jealous of your veggies, and I'm loving that sock! Great job and happy gardening!

Kimberly said...


the Trellis stitch is out of "The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches, Vol. 1". I got it from Michaels when I first started knitting. It's small but has lots of great stitches & wonderful color pics of each.

Sue said...

Oh, I love purple beans!! When we used to have a garden, we grew these and they are delish. When you cook them, they turn green. Yummy!!