Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Discworld Swap

I participated in a Discworld Themed swap on Ravelry and just got my amazing package.
Apron, knitted string bag, Pursenality Plus book, 85% Cocoa Lindt bar, Candy, Fiber Pieces Alpaca/Merino yarn, J. Knits 100% Alpaca yarn (the purple), and a phone charm! Oh, and there's a lovely shawl pin stuck in the green skein, but it's a bit hard to make out in the photo.

Close-up of the hand painted apron.

Charm for the goddess Anoia, which now is hanging
on my computer monitor.
She even drew boot-soles on the bottom of the box!

She really went above & beyond! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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PenCraft said...

Anoia--hillarious! I had no idea there was a Goddess of Things That Get Stuck in Drawers. Man, I am going to have to catch up on my Terry Pratchett reading!