Saturday, March 29, 2008

Boring Blogger

That's me. I know I haven't posted anything exciting in weeks! First there was the creative slump, followed by carpal tunnel pain, resulting in nothing interesting on the blog.

I had planned on filling the time with playing with my embroidery machine, but that only led to frustration. I was able to get it working and it works ok with the stock patterns on the machine, although it does tend to leave gaps. When I tried to use a self-made pattern, the machine couldn't sew it properly and after breaking 3 needles I gave up in frustration. I'm not sure if it's my inexperience or of it's the machine. Either way it killed my desire to sew.

Thankfully, my hands & wrists are feeling much better from the rest and I'm thinking of busting out the needles today and knitting up some of this:
Gorgeous Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn that I received as a thank you gift from a fabulous MTS participant. Not yet sure what pattern I'll use, may wing it, but I've been itching to knit this ever since it arrived... soooo purty!

I'm also going to get in gear and get the Bittersweet Heart pattern written up for test knitting. So, hopefully the blog will be back on track with knitted goodness soon. :)

In the meantime, I'll leave you with a bit of puppy cuteness.


Joanne said...

What a great photo of Corrina!

So sorry your embroidery machin is being poopy. My sewing machine is constantly being poopy too. For no good reason it will just start sewing stitches all wrong. I sew way less than I'd like because I just get so frustrated. Stupid machines.

But I am excited to see your sock pattern!

Mary said...

Nummy yarn, pretty dog. Glad your wrists & hands are feeling better. :)

Phro5gg said...

Can't wait to see what you make with the yarn!

Ingrid said...

maybe you should come to knitting at could blog about that :) guilt guilt

Ruinwen said...

Cute dog! Glad your hands are feeling better! Yummy Noro! :)

Monica Silva said...

Hi Kimberly,
That Noro pink yarn looks nice. Looking forward to seeing what you knit with it.
Have a great weekend,

Turtle said...

sweet pup! Hey, a few carpal aids: (I have it as well in the right wrist and work with the hands and wrists at work) try a paraffin dip if you can, even purchase a pot for home. It loosens the synovial fluid in the joints and eases the pain) I swear by my magnetic bracelet, was skeptical at first but after 4 years it really does work!