Wednesday, April 05, 2006


It's almost here. C-day.

Tomorrow we actually close on the our first house!! It's still so unreal!!

But we have been busy.
This truck contains all but the barest necessities of life.

my bare necessities - tea & knitting

We have put everything in a box... somethings seemed to have packed themselves. XD

We will unload the truck after we close & our furniture will be moved on Monday. My computer will probably come down Friday or Saturday.

Oh, here is a close up of the toe-up sock seen above. This is Mountain Colors Bare-Foot yarn what I got from the lovely Joanne for my b-day in October.

To keep you amused until I am back up & running, here are a plethora of kitty pics.

Bailey tummy - must touch...

See y'all when I'm a homeowner! XD


Joanne said...

Yay house! Yay socks!

Your cats are crazy!!! :)

Joanne said...

Hee! I meant to say crazy cute!

But are they crazy too? (My dogs are totally crazy . . .)