Friday, December 02, 2005

No Time Blog, Must Knit!

First off - Props & Kudos go to Denise and Joanne for finishing Nano! You guys rock!!

Just over 3 weeks to xmas and not a single gift got! Hoping to rectify that tonight at midnight madness downtown Ann Arbor.

Almost done with the knit gift for sis... done knitting it, just need to do the finishing stuff.

~4" to go on sleeve #1 for dad's sweater.. whee!

Had to rip out the kimono shawl cause I screwed up the second lace repeat.. grrr

thinking of making hubby some sox for xmas, but EVERYONE is out of Mountain Colors Barefoot locally... double grrrrr!

Nothing much else to relate. Have to finish up SP6 gifty & get that out this week.

Ok.. gotta go knit...


Jenn said...

only 3 weeks?? Oh geeze, I need to get to finishing my Christmas gifts! Sorry of the Kimono Shawl! :(

keely said...

kim! it's been absofrickinlutely bonkers. i have more wheelstuff for you that you have, no doubt, been expecting for a month!

will you be somewhere knitting tomorrow night that i could drop it off? :)

Erika said...

*le pounce* Oh. Wow. Gibbering joy about covers it. I'll be yapping in my LiveJournal very shortly, but I wanted to give many many hugs first.