Thursday, October 19, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ok, my birthday was actually yesterday.. but still! :)

First off, I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments & support!! It really meant a lot to me! You guys rock!!

My birthday was very nice. My sister, niece & parents chipped in & got me a sandisk mp3 player so that I can listen to music at my new hip job! Whee! Its 2GB & holds about 500 songs! Perfect! :)

And my honey? Well... He overheard me admiring
Jillian's Jordana Paige knitting bag a few months ago at her "Big Girl Knits" signing at Nicola's Books. He REMEMBERED the bag! I never even mentioned it to him! So, the beautiful bag you see below is currently on its way to my door. He ordered it a few weeks ago, but its not scheduled to arrive until Monday. Poor thing was really bummed that it didn't arrive in time. Is he the best or what!!

My mom is doing better (actually able to sit up & feed herself) and has gained a little bit of weight back. Right now her condition seems to be stable, but we don't know for how long. Hospice is unable to tell us what her "status" is, they just don't know if this is a temporary recovery.

I am still without a computer at home. The harddrive crashed a few weeks ago & I haven't been able to get it fixed yet. That's the downside of my fabulous new job, no pay check for 3 weeks...


Saltwater purls said...

So when your bag arrives it will be coming to sweetwaters we can all admire it in person.

Happy Birthday!

P.S. glad your mom is doing a little better

Anonymous said...

That bag is so awesome. You'll post pics of it full of knitting things once it arrives, right?