Sunday, June 11, 2006

Cat scares Bear?

So, found this story on Yahoo!... poor bear! ;)

Not much is going on here... but I have more puppy pics!!

Here my precious darling has stolen uncle Smokey's
favorite toy & is playing with it on his bed!
The fiend!

Autumn & Corrina playing under gradma's bed

Here you see her spurn her silly squirrell for Smokey's
toy... Oh the shame!

And, my absolute FAVORITE picture!

Corrina had her 2nd puppy kindergarten class this week & she is doing very well. She knows "sit" & "down" and we are working on "stay" & "come". She is starting to identify her name as well!

We took her to taste of Ann Arbor last Sunday and walked around Depot Town & Frog Island on Friday. She is one social puppy!! And, she had her first ice cream!! I have pics, but haven't downloaded them off the camera yet!!


Emily said...

Corrina is so cute!! I'm sure Smokey's toy must smell better. My dogs always go for each other's partially chewed-up, slobbered rawhides. It's very choice.

Ingrid said...

Corina is soooooo cute. bet everyone loved her at the taste of aa2

Acornbud said...

What a cute dog:)